Gregory Bahorel

Typist: Shawn
Birthdate: 14 August, 1801
Hometown: Not known
Appearance: Big. Not so much tall as... imposing. Seemingly bigger, in fact, than he truly is. Scars on his knuckles from innumerable brawls, arms like tree trunks,legs mostly the same, Bahorel just seems enormous - larger than life, in full. His sandy blonde hair is in perpetual disarray, his face clean-shaven, but never recently enough to prevent the occurrence of stubble. An easy laugh, a wide smile, sparkling eyes.
Parents: A pair of very wonderful people living on a farm, growing crops, living their life, and generally not involving themselves in such matters as politics, proving their excellent nature.
Siblings: Gregory speaks of his family only in the most passing of terms, and so while it is known that he is not an only child, the names, ages, or even genders of his siblings are unknown. He says only that he's glad they've managed to avoid Paris thus far.
Significant Others: Plenty of 'others', none of whom are 'significant'. Bahorel cannot have a relationship with a woman for more than a few days before finding some fault in her and moving on... but he's generally charming enough to have someone to move on to.
Email/IM: Shares his typist's
Webpage: None
Appears In: The Saga of Christian Caron
Other Info: Always, always, always, always spoiling for a fight... not simply because he likes fighting (which he does, make no mistake), but because he believes that when the revolution comes, spirit and passion will only get one so far. One has to also know how to fight, and Bahorel is only too happy to teach anyone, even those who have no desire to learn.

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