Guillaume Bahorel

Typist: Quiara
Birthdate: July 2, 1803
Hometown: Somewhere ungodly hot, on the average
Appearance: If rugby were the appropriate sport for a Frenchman in the early 1800's, he would be chosen first for every team. He has broad shoulders, shorter hair than the average, and several scars, facial and otherwise. He tends to appear hulking in a crowd of unexercised Parisian students. His nose may have been broken at some point, or he may simply have unfortunate family resemblance. He seems to leer even when he is smiling normally. This may be due, in part, to the fact that he prefers to leer rather than to smile, and therefore he often forgets how to look innocently amused.
Parents: Leon and Liliane, who doted upon him even when other parents in their town complained that he had ripped Thierry's shirt or bloodied Aubrey's nose. They are most fond of the man still known as 'Maman's little darling.' He often mutilates letters from home to prevent this appellation from becoming public knowledge.
Siblings: Patrice, b. 1793; Claude, b. 1796; Henri, b. 1800. All are large, frightening men who delight in wrestling with each other and tend to provoke their mother to hide her eyes.
Significant Others: Various charming young women who earn their bread by being pleasant to him and men like him; several young men of delicate build and gentle voices, over the years. The latest of the latter is one Jean Prouvaire, with whom he is not romantically entwined, but who seems to enjoy his intimate company quite often.
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Other Info: Being a Bahorel, he gets into frequent unpleasant tiffs with all sorts of people. He also enjoys protecting his younger, frailer acquaintances from the dangers of the Parisian night. This includes pickpockets and similar thieves; he is far from above introducing a green boy to the fine art of wenching.

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