Jacques-Gustave Bahorel

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: 13 December 1801
Hometown: Lectoure, Gers
Appearance: Enormous. Arms something like tree-trunks; a handle-bar moustache; a raucous belly laugh and big teeth... he looks almost like a Russian. Loves to dress for battle; and is very good at it. Goes shopping with Courfeyrac.
Parents: A couple of very excellent country people, with a nice little farm near Bordeaux, growing grapes, chickens and children.
Siblings: His twin Rochelle, then: Selene, Gervaise, Annette, Blanchette, Odesse, Lauren; and his mother is pregnant again. Two brothers, much younger, Tomas and Nicolai.
Significant Others: A pretty little mistress whose name he won't tell; numerous 'acquaintances' at various brothels who call him by his first name; a quality collection of exes.
Email/IM: None
Webpage: http://www.gurlpages.com/rabsjavert/boys.html
Appears In: Grantaire Drinks From Prouvaire's Bottle
Other Info: A.k.a. Jacques-Gervais Bahorel. Lots of blather about rash waistcoats and scarlet opinions; he's a wizard at pool; and he's rather broadminded. As far as who his primary friends are, in RPs he's typically opposite Alexandre Courfeyrac.

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