Valery Bahorel

Typist: Laurence
Birthdate: 1801
Hometown: Laurière
Appearance: A face that wouldn't be nearly so attractive if he weren't such a good-natured fellow, nondescript brown hair kept tolerably neat. Possesses the body of a strapping young farm lad who has spent the last ten years loafing about Parisian restaurants. Barrel-chested, absurdly broad shoulders (always slouched) and usually dressed in what he considers to be "fashionable" attire, though "tacky" would be a better word.
Parents: Gilbert and Alix Bahorel, sturdy farm folk who think the world of their son, no matter what unbecoming incidents he may involve the family name in.
Siblings: Sister, Marie-Casilde (b.1803) married & procreating. Brothers, Henri-Gilbért (b.1810) & Daniel (b.1813). Several siblings who died in infancy or thereabouts.
Significant Others: Mariette, a nice girl from back home who Valéry "got into trouble" and caused him to be sent away to Paris for schooling and her to be sent elsewhere. Bore him a son, Patrice, before promptly marrying someone else who was more respectable. Bahorel has never seen the child, nor cares to so long as Maman and Papa keep sending Mariette her stipend. Numerous other obliging girls have filled the void in his life, usually petite blonde ones with tricky names.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: Byronic Heroes
Appears In: Byronic Heroes
Other Info: Something of a Professional Student at this point, having been in Paris for far longer than it would take him to earn a degree. Mostly idling away his time until one of his younger brothers inherits the family farm and allows Valéry to roam freely till the end of his days. Doesn't trouble himself with thoughts of Mariette or the child, figuring that Patrice's stepfather will look after him well enough and it would be awfully troublesome to have to take on any responsibility himself. Not at all a man to think of consequences.

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