Didier Combeferre

Typist: Laurence
Birthdate: 1806
Hometown: Aix-en-Provence
Appearance: Not a man that you would recognize in a crowd, extremely plain features which are neither unpleasant nor are they remarkable. Vaguely darkish hair, vaguely darkish clothing, a voice that fades into obscurity when he speaks. Often mistaken for someone else.
Parents: Denise and Marcel Combeferre, nice church-going folk.
Siblings: Guy (b. 1803), Justine (b. 1810) and Martin (b. 1814). All slightly more dramatically inclined than their mild-mannered brother and would most likely be quite surprised to know of his revolutionary tendencies.
Significant Others: If he’s had any, no one knows.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: Byronic Heroes
Appears In: Byronic Heroes
Other Info: Acts as a mediator between Enjolras and the rest of the Amis, smoothing feathers and offering compromises and is likely the only reason no one has yet killed Léopold Enjolras (who has, naturally, never thanked him). In his devotion to the political ideals of his friends, Didier has managed to successfully avoid having any semblance of a private life, much to his relief.

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