Henri Georges Combeferre

Typist: Sam Russell
Birthdate: Late February, 1807
Hometown: somewhere in Gascony
Appearance: He's fairly tall with straight light brown hair which he sometimes curls artificially and brilliant green eyes. He leans toward the thin side but it stronger than he looks with large, long-fingered hands. He has dimples, an utterly disarming grin, and boyish, somewhat bookish good looks. He doesn't own a black coat, and the days he curls his hair he dresses somewhat fussily.
Parents: Arnaud and Lisette Combeferre, both living. His father is a moderately prosperous landowner and goat farmer. His mother never objects to a thing his father says.
Siblings: He is the youngest of four children. His oldest brother, Arnaud Jr., is in line to inherit the farm. His next brother, Guillaume, joined the military and his sister, Juliana, has been married for years to another farmer. As the youngest, he was expected to find a profession and sent off to school in Paris with an allowance and not much affection.
Significant Others: None
Email/IM: IM: henry_linden
Webpage: None
Appears In: The Failed Lieutenant. He is also Henry Linden in the old Les Mis 2017 roleplay.
Other Info: It's pretty much in the sections above. He's Michel Victor's Combeferre. He's more often Henry Linden, but is my openly acknowledge Combeferre and a dear soul at that. I assume he has a social life of some sort, but has never told me what it was.

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