Julien Mathieu Combeferre

Typist: Madame Bahorel
Birthdate: 26 April 1805
Hometown: Nice and Paris
Appearance: Tall, very dark. He tans easily and deeply, with black hair always somewhat too long yet too short to tie back, combed very neatly and parted in the middle. A very serious man, with extremely dark eyes that show the burden of the world on his shoulders. Extremely handsome, though rather distant. He dresses well and is obviously of good family in his bearing and speech. Combeferre always speaks with authority and carries himself with authority -- he has no desire to hide from anything. His speech is gentle, his touch rare but deliberate.
Parents: Richard and Cécile Combeferre. M. Combeferre runs a trading company and several vineyards, and they divide their time between Paris in the winter and Nice in the summer because of business and social considerations. One of the old families in Nice.
Siblings: One brother, Charles Combeferre, eleven years younger. A sister two years younger was stillborn.
Significant Others: Depends on the timeline. In The Blood of the Martyrs, none. In the original timline, marries Nikita Koliski, adopts Peter Courfeyrac (her child with René Courfeyrac), conceives a set of twins, Mathieu and Irina, before his death. Various other timelines have altered the number of children by Nikita. There is no other woman and there can be no other woman. In Love Changes Everything, a relationship is initiated with Marcelin Enjolras, but that isn't a real one and Combeferre wishes it had never been written. That sort of thing belongs to Charles.
Email/IM: Can be contacted through his typist -- all gentlemen have a servant of some sort.
Webpage: Finds these machines intriguing but cannot type well at all.
Appears In: Les Amis de l'ABC, The Blood of the Martyrs, Love Changes Everything
Other Info: Grew up next door to Henri Enjolras in Nice, though they did not meet until Julien was thirteen and Henri was twelve. The revolution came about through Julien's passion and hard work -- Henri was often only the mouthpiece in Nice. Combeferre prefers to speak of neither his family nor his imprisonment following the revolution -- both subjects are rather painful and it is only through Charles that I have the story of the first months of his release. He has never completed a university degree, though he has come close in law, philosophy and medicine. Combeferre requests that no one attempt to correct the spelling of his name: he is French, not English or Spanish, and his middle name is a family convention that deliberately has an archaic spelling. His typist is better in this regard than she is given credit for.

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