Marone Rene Artois-Berthe Louis
Marie-Claire Gustave Orviot Combeferre

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: 6 September, 1806
Hometown: Lectoure, Gers
Appearance: Light brown hair, short, slim, though not so much as Enjolras, with wire spectacles. Good-looking, kind, thoughtful expression.
Parents: He's not mentioned them ever-- his mother is named Marie-Claire; his father René Artois-Louis. They own a mill.
Siblings: Two brothers, one older, one younger, Johannes Louis Bertrand (and 5+ other tags); who is second at his father's mill, and Jacques Artois Millais (etc.), who is a printer. Three younger sisters: Blanche-Rose, Violette, and Esperance-Lys.
Significant Others: Well, it could be said that Combeferre loves everybody. It just depends on what he's playing... lately, though, it's been Bahorel.
Email/IM:, for now.
Appears In: Various Le Café RPs; Each After His Own Nature; Le Capitaine Grandeur.
Other Info: Combeferre spends most of his time reading and, well, being very laid back, he's played 'ferre to lots of different Enjolrati, and is quite versatile. In many ways. Shares a birthday with the Marquis de Lafayette and his typist :)

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