Sebastien Combeferre

Typist: Todd Slaughter
Birthdate: February 17th 1810
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Combeferre is a rather small young man, though he does have a broad strong back. He has wavy light brown hair, green eyes, gentle features, and wears a constant expression of worry.
Parents: He never speaks of them.
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Had a thing for Enjolras, once upon a time, but learned (in his opinion, not mine) that Enjolras was a rather shallow and hypocritical young man. He's been in a couple of abusive relationships, and now he seeks the love of a kind young Irishman name of Ciaran O'Gara.
Appears In: The old GTriad RP, various fics by Eliot James and Todd Slaughter which desperately need to be finished.
Other Info: Poor Combeferre was introduced to rather...unorthodox bed practices by Grantaire-- whom he loves dearly as a friend-- and it has resulted since in a couple of abusive relationships and much confusion on the boy's part.

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