Andre Courfeyrac

Typist: Stephanie
Birthdate: April, 1806
Hometown: Toulouse
Appearance: Short brown hair, emerald green eyes, about 5'10 and a stocky build, an easy smile.
Parents: Grew up in a working class family; his mother died when he was 6, and his father is a workaholic and distanced himself.
Siblings: A sister, Hélène, four years younger.
Significant Others: None at the moment.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: N/A
Appears In: Unfinished fanfics
Other Info: Tends to have a temper sometimes and normally runs his hand through his hair to keep it away from his face but it never works. Left-handed. Normally hangs out with Feuilly and Bahorel.

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