Armand Courfeyrac

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: October 29, 1805
Hometown: Somewhere in the south; does it matter? A student is Parisian by definition.
Appearance: Medium all over; with a slight roundness that is rather 'cute'. Merry blue-green eyes that laugh, excellent taste in clothes, brown hair that is best called 'chestnut'. Vivacious and animated, a fine sort of fellow.
Parents: Jean-Baptiste and Sylvienne de Courfeyrac; rich people of a bourgeois sort of nature who live in Marseilles; and can afford to send their two youngest sons to Paris for study, and keep them supplied with a healthy allowance.
Siblings: Hector Jean-Bapsiste Sylvester de Courfeyrac -- his eldest brother by a good eight years or so; married with family in Lyon. Millicent de Pays, his older sister, also married and living in Lyon with a very nice cook named Robert and six children. Eric Baptiste -- the youngest Courfeyrac; who cares not at all for the 'de'; attends school also in Paris, running in slightly more moderate circles than his brother Armand. Every once in a while they run into each other, have a drink, and go to a brothel or something.
Significant Others: Not steadily... at the moment he's getting caught up in the rampant boy-drama that exists in Rabbit's head. And no little ones, thank goodness.
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: Everyone loves someone else. Not you. Other fic on Rabbit's site, in cameos.
Other Info: Full name is Armand Ercole Jean-Baptiste; his typist thinks it sounds better with the 'de'. All of a sudden he's come down with the slashfic bug, of which he showed none till now. Why? Who knows. C'est la vie!

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