Eugene [de] Courfeyrac

Typist: Laurence
Birthdate: 1807
Hometown: Montpellier
Appearance: Auburn hair, which is always styled in the latest fashion. Hazel eyes, magnificent facial structure, terribly handsome and he obviously knows it. Somber and conservative in dress, but always impeccably turned out. Prides himself on his appearance and is a bit too aware of it, in the opinion of his comrades.
Parents: Paulette and Isidore de Courfeyrac, bourgeois to the core and it is very likely Maman who taught her dear boy to be so proud of his looks by constantly reminding him of them.
Siblings: None.
Significant Others: A smattering of upper crust society boys in his youth, perhaps the only significant one being a young English Lord by the name of Noel Sheridan, who encountered Eugène on his travels to Paris. It ended badly and left Eugène with a lasting distaste for the English.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: Byronic Heroes
Appears In: Byronic Heroes
Other Info: Since ending his last relationship, Eugène has suffered from entirely unrequited affections for one Edouard Joly and consequently bears a near murderous disdain for Thibault Lesgle. An aborted attempt was made in the seduction of young Pontmercy, but it was a rather embarrassing failure that Eugène would now fervently deny. Is fast friends, quite platonically, with fellow gadabout and libertine Valéry Bahorel.

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