Jacques Courfeyrac

Typist: Anne Page
Birthdate: March 5, 1808
Hometown: Unknown
Appearance: Dashingly handsome, with jet-black hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail, sparkling green eyes and a mischievous grin. Definitely the best-looking of the Amis, besides Enjolras, of course.
Parents: The incomparable M. de Courfeyrac, and a nice lady.
Siblings: An older sister, Jeannine, who doted on him as a child.
Significant Others: Too many to count. That boy is too charming for his own good...
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: N/A
Appears In: A Typical Day at the ABC Wineshop, The Trials and Tribulations of Marie-Suzette
Other Info: After 170 years, he still has that youthful animation which we might call the diabolic beauty of mind.

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