Rene Courfeyrac

Typist: Madame Bahorel
Birthdate: 14 June 1804
Hometown: Lyon
Appearance: Short. Very short. Short brown hair, always smiling, extremely warm personality. A definite fashionplate, but not to the extent that all he thinks about are clothes. Easily the friendliest, most open of Les Amis. Bears a striking resemblance to Tim Howar, formerly Marius of the Les Mis tour. René does not understand this bit of casting at all, but he is envious of Mr Howar's singing abilities since he cannot carry a tune in a bucket.
Parents: M. and Mme Courfeyrac. He won't tell my anything about his father beyond calling him "that prick", which is certainly not his name.
Siblings: One older brother, Gilles, 13 years older, an older sister, Céline, 11 years older, and one younger sister, Julie, a year younger. Or, on a previous timeline, one younger sister, Marie, two years younger.
Significant Others: Many many, too many to count. On both counts. Timeline one: Engaged to Nikita Koliski, natural father of Peter who is adopted by Combeferre. Timeline two: Survives the barricade, Combeferre doesn't, marries Nikita, ten surviving children (plus Combeferre's twins). Timeline three: (meaning the big family from above) Claire, a friend of Feuilly, he gets her pregnant and marries her without permission. Four children by her, I believe. In Les Amis, he'd love Feuilly to be his significant other, but she will have no part of it.
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: Various roleplays over the years. Les Amis de l'ABC. Mentioned in Morning of Anguish.
Other Info: Don't underestimate Courfeyrac. He's really a very sweet boy, even if he is given to drinking rather more than he should or flirting excessively. He's dead serious about the revolution, extremely loyal to Marie in the timelines in which she figures, and he's far more intelligent than anyone gives him credit for. Before Enjolras came north, he was Combeferre's second in command in Paris. Extremely intelligent, he began high school a year early, midterm, and caught up in a matter of two months. Granted, that was because his father was sick of him associating with the help, but he succeeded.

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