Adrien Enjolras

Typist: Alan-Arnaud Enjolras
Birthdate: 7 April 1806
Hometown: Somewhere in Gascony
Appearance: Slim; fine, light-blond hair; absolutely beautiful. Everythng about his appearance suggests the dawn; from the morning-blue of his eyes to the sunrise expression he gets when he watches a particularly inspiring speech. Lately, he looks mostly... startled.
Parents: Antoinette and Anatole-Adrien Enjolras. A blissfully rich sort of couple who know nothing about their son's fanatical revolutionarism; and wouldn't believe it if they did. Adrien can do no wrong in their eyes; not that he realises this.
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Indeterminate. ;)
Email/IM: Yahoo! IM: e_jeune
Webpage: None
Appears In: Le Capitane Grandeur
Other Info: Adrien is NOT the leader of Les Amis de l'ABC. He is instead the wide-eyed devotee and fanatical supporter of Marion Grantaire; his Capitane Grandeur. Oddly enough, his fanaticism is supported by Marion's lover, Combeferre. Outside of the story, Adrien is a stunt double for scenes his 'Ecrivier' does not want to write; and likes very much the musical 'Jane Eyre'. His Ecrivier also lends him to their mutual hostess from time to time for her own nefarious purposes.

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