Alan-Arnaud Enjolras

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: 14 Germinal (7 April) 1806
Hometown: Lectoure, Gascony
Appearance: About 5'11" or 6 feet; straight blond hair meticulously pulled back. His typist seems to think he looks like an anime villain.
Parents: Arnaud and Helena Enjolras. His father owns several factories.
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Never.
Appears In: (Rabbit's page, several fics). At Le Cafe, "Stalking Apollo" and the "Crossover RP".
Other Info: "I've been written by other fic-writers than Rabbit, ever since the late 1860's. Hence my Le Café login, L'E!_vieux. I am fully aware of my age and status as a character Enjolras; which suits me fine."

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