Antoine David Enjolras

Typist: Laurel
Birthdate: April 5, 1808
Hometown: Nice
Appearance: He is tall, about six feet even. His eyes are dark blue , alternately deep and thoughtful, and intense and impassioned. His hair is a golden blond, not quite long enough to be ponytailed, but longer than the average modern-day haircut. There is a small scar right below his left shoulder blade, left over from an injury in a childhood game. He doesn't smile often, but when he does, the smile would be of the small, crooked, and rather cute sort.
Parents: Mother: Rosalie Enjolras, née Merceault. At the age of 47, she tends to take things in stride, without ever losing her objectives or priorities. She loves Antoine with all her heart, but often has trouble letting this emotion be known. It is from her that he gets his outward icy demeanor. Unlike some Enjolrati parents, Rosalie has a legitimate reason for despising her son's political affiliations- she has lived through the Reign of Terror, and does not want the experience repeated with another French Republic.

Her husband, Antoine's father, was named David Enjolras. There is not much that be determined about him at the moment, seeing as he died in 1813, when his son was only five years old. What memories Antoine retains of his father, are happy ones, though; David was a good man, if a rather happless landowner.

Siblings: As far as we know, he is an only child, but Elise, a close childhood friend of his, became, in a way, a surrogate sister, though they lost touch when he went to Paris.
Significant Others: He emphatically objects to letting most people see the real him, so the prospect of him in any sort of relationship that is not platonic is unlikely.
Webpage: None
Appears In: An e-mail Musical Crossover RP called "Silhouettes & Into The Fire". Several planned stories, none of which are even close to done, and some that are not even begun yet.
Other Info: None

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