Damian Valentin Enjolras

Typist: Citizeness Arielle
Birthdate: Sometime 24 years ago.
Hometown: Someplace that is not here.
Appearance: Classically handsome, of course. Extremely tall, a few inches over six feet, and slender in build. He has dark blond hair kept tied back in a ponytail and deep blue eyes, dark against his light complexion, that often flash with passion, anger, impatience, or irritation. He often appears restless.
Parents: A man and a woman.
Siblings: None
Significant Others: None
Email/IM: Shares his typist's
Webpage: None
Appears In: Her Name Is Patria, various IM roleplays
Other Info: Damian Valentin Enjolras' entire heart, soul, and life is dedicated to his Cause, to his Patria. Strong, idealistic, passionate, and possessing a remarkable amount of courage, he is willing to give everything for Her. However, he is on the impatient, irritable side of things and not too strong on his social skills. His coldness is rather harsh and his manner abrupt. He is the type that can care for someone and have that person never know, or even think that he dislikes them. As long as he has something to apply himself to (working for his Cause, for example), though, he is fine. Under normal circumstances, he is a natural leader (while not that good with people one-on-one), inspiring, and manages some semblence of politeness. But when forced into inactivity, his temper aquires a very short fuse and he can be downright unpleasant, becoming moody, irritable, and having a tendency to brood. Despite his seemingly harsh and disagreeable nature in those times, underneath he can still be caring, but he'll be damned if he lets anyone know.

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