Edouard Enjolras

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: 1 Germinal, 1807
Hometown: Lectoure, Gascony
Appearance: Tall. Blond. Dawn-colored. Blue-eyed. Furious. Slightly lascivious, but only if you catch him early, early, early in the morning.
Parents: Two.
Siblings: None.
Significant Others: Something of a polyamorist, actually. He splits his affections between the Future and the Republic, believing intrinsically that they are one and the same. (Aii.)
Email/IM: e-vieux@frenchboys.net
Webpage: Quois
Appears In: Enjolras has a rendezvous with his mistress
Other Info: Is as close to unadulterated Enjy as his typist can possibly manage. That is-- so far, he's been successful at thwarting her attempts to get him to kiss various Amis. He plans to stay that way. Hence-- pseudo-erotic unslash. Le sigh.

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