Julien Enjolras

Typist: Cass Eros
Birthdate: April 19
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Tall, muscular, golden blonde hair constanly bothering him by slipping out of his precious black ribbon, sky blue eyes, let's face it, handsome.
Parents: Jacques and Isabelle Enjolras, the two worst parents of the upperclass. Royalists and aristocratic, they kicked him out at seventeen, and never paid attention to him beforehand.
Siblings: Absolutely none. He was an only child.
Significant Others: Grantaire
Email/IM: Shares his typist's
Webpage: None
Appears In: Assorted things, none of which are on the web at the moment.
Other Info: "...he's twenty-two years old, met les Amis when he was twenty.... He sort of a watch dog when it comes to Grantaire. (Although he'd never, ever admit it.) Kinda....hovers over him."

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