Michel Antoine Vincent Enjolras

Typist: Citizeness Arielle
Birthdate: September 29, 1807
Hometown: Nevers
Appearance: Classically handsome, tall, about six feet, and slender, but with a firm, commanding presence, despite his slim build. Though his clothing is generally plain in appearance, favoring more somber colors, his bearing is thoroughly aristocratic. His extremely light blond hair is kept tied back in a ponytail for practicality, rather than fashion. His eyes are an icy blue that are capable of flaming up with an inner fire. As days of the barricade drew nearer, his already light complexion turned somewhat pale, due to a combinations of work, stress, and lack of sleep.
Parents: Edmond Auguste César d'Enjolras (b. March 15, 1780, d. September 22, 1833) and Marie Fleurette d'Enjolras, née Devere (May 18, 1786 - December 23, 1851)
Siblings: Félicité Renée Labrousse, née Enjolras (February 28, 1809 - June 6, 1831); Galatée Honorine Vernier, née Enjolras (January 2, 1812 - September 17, 1865)
Significant Others: None.
Email/IM: Shares his typist's
Webpage: http://members.aol.com/CitizenessAri/CafeMusain
Appears In: Stolen Words (eventually), various IM RPs
Other Info: Removed at subject's request.

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