Michel Victor Enjolras

Typist: Sam Russell
Birthdate: 28 July 1805
Hometown: near Le Mans
Appearance: Tall and broad-shouldered with dark, wavy blond hair, kept tied back. Intense, clear blue eyes. Primarily wears black, with the occasional smattering of dark blue.
Parents: Father, Antoine Gilbert Enjolras, a former Bonapartist soldier; mother, deceased from tuberculosis.
Siblings: Roselyn, only two years younger with a gentle, pious disposition and the sharpest pure intellect in the family & Katrine, 8 years younger, a physical copy of their dead mother, frivolous and quick-tempered, but basically good-hearted and intelligent though ignorant in comparison to her older siblings. She benefitted far less from their mother's teaching, since the lady died when she was small.
Significant Others: None, though he eventually, in most projected timelines, ends up living with two women and adopting the orphaned child of one of them.
Email/IM: YahooIM: mv_enjolras
Webpage: http://russellonline.freehosting.net/mv/index.html
Appears In: Beyond the Barricade and The Failed Lieutenant
Other Info: Sam says: "As you may have guessed from his primary story, Michel Victor is a barricade survivor. He is my oldest Enjolras in all senses, having been concieved in the 20th century during the summer of 1996. His full name is Michel Victor Antoine Julian Enjolras. He is adamantly opposed, as are many Enjolrati, to the idea of an intimate relationship though he will eventually allow for friendships of a deeper nature with women. His future is still not set in stone, but I believe it is most likely that he will die in 1848 trying to be sure that his adopted son does not share the fate of his dead friends. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this Enjolras is that he is haunted by the ghost of a Grantaire of his own invention."

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