Nicolas René Enjolras

Typist: Lady Amberjo
Birthdate: June 7, 1809
Hometown: Nice, in a an upper-class neighborhood, in a plush house with a pear orchard.
Appearance: Much taller than the average of the time, stately and graceful; slim, but with a good build; breathtakingly beautiful Grecian features; golden blond, slightly curling hair, usually tied back with a black ribbon, with some always escaping to curl at his cheekbones; marble complexion with faintly rosy cheeks; intense eyes the same depth and hue as the sky, and a glare that could send even the toughest of men running away whimpering.
Parents: Victor and Cécile. She was a very kind and considerate person, but died when he was seven years old. After that, Victor, partly blaming Nicolas for her death, shut himself off from his son, and when Nicolas got involved in politics, disowned him. He inherited his hair and grace from his mother, and his looks and stubborn pride from his father.
Siblings: None, but his younger cousin Thérèse is almost like a sister to him.
Significant Others: Sometimes Dimitri Grantaire. Sometimes Léopold Combeferre. Occasionally Marius Pontmercy, when his typist really wants to be cruel.
Email/IM: Shares his typist's
Webpage: None
Appears In: A bunch of yet-to-be-finished fic-bits... which he's constantly glaring at his typist to finish... and a few Le Café RPs.
Other Info: Nicolas René had a relatively happy childhood until his mother died. He spent a lot of time in the pear orchard with his friends and his little cousin, and was occasionally visited/annoyed by Dimitri Grantaire. He relied on his friends even more after his mother's death. After his father disowned him, he went to Paris and formed Les Amis de l'ABC with Léopold Combeferre and Maximilien Courfeyrac. He's not as chauvinistic as some Enjolrati out there. He's had civil conversations with several women, but he has no patience for silly coquettish flirts. He usually gets along with his typist...most of the time...

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