Raisa-Emilie Enjolras

Typist: Jeni Baron
Birthdate: September, 1809
Hometown: Somewhere in Berry
Appearance: Oh, the standard Enjolras description. Maybe a touch more feminine. She tends to glare less, and scowl more. When no one's looking, she gets dreamy.
Parents: Her mother is conniving and over-ambitious, and her father is her mother's puppet.
Siblings: In some realities, a little sister, Dahlia.
Significant Others: Sometimes Grantaire, sometimes Combeferre. Perhaps another one is forthcoming. *eg*
Email/IM: raisa@revolutionist.co.uk
Yahoo! IM: raisa_emilie
Webpage: Forthcoming
Appears In: The Blood of Angry Women. Lots of RPs.
Other Info: She's a she! Raisa was banished to the convent at age 17 because she refused to marry a very icky man. She soon escaped and changed her identity to a male one. A nice old retired professor is paying for her education, thinking she's an orphan.

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