Alexandre Feuilly

Typist: Adrienne Florian
Birthdate: September, 1807
Hometown: Unknown, but arrived in Paris when he was 13.
Appearance: Short of stature, his short brown hair actually behaves itself most of the time, falling across his forehead just short of his eyes. Dark brown, intelligent, and observant, they see everything that goes on around them. Not making a lot of money, he doesn't dress as well as some of his friends, but it never bothers the unflappable Alex.
Parents: Anne and Charles Feuilly. Charles died when Alex was eight, and Anne followed three years later.
Siblings: None.
Significant Others: Alex's friends usually remain platonic, both male and female. The few relationships he's had, he refuses to tell his typist about. He's that way.
Email/IM: Borrows his typist's
Webpage: None
Appears In: Fallen Devotion
Other Info: Some would describe Alex as shy, because he's very quiet. However, he's simply not one to waste words. Calm and unflappable, he's had enough trials early in life to keep him from being easily hurt, or surprised. This does not, however, extend to not seeing and trying to remedy the troubles of the world.

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