Christophe Feuilly

Typist: Catherine Lafontaine
Birthdate: January 6, 1807
Hometown: Marseilles, we think.
Appearance: An unprepossessing young man, of modest height, with muddy brown hair, hazel eyes, and a somewhat harried expression.
Parents: Deceased, but apparently with awfully good genes.
Siblings: Seraphine (b. 1808), who saved the life of a wealthy Englishman and subsequently married him; Celestine (b. 1809), former maid and confidante of one Mlle. Euphrasie Fauchelevent, now operating a dress shop in Marseilles; Angelique (b. 1810), identical twins Roseline and Liliane (b. 1817), and Violette (b. 1822); every one of them ravishingly beautiful, amazingly gifted, and possessed of both sweet and generous natures and independent spirits. God help the poor boy.
Significant Others: Who has the time?
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: Angel of the Barricades, in progress.
Other Info: Christophe is every poor fan-maker who was ever saddled with a faultless kid sister, and then some.

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