Alain Pierre Grantaire

Typist: K. Telfer
Birthdate: April 9, 1803
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Approximately 5"8, of medium to heavy build. Dark hair, sallow skin, square jaw and deep-set dark eyes. Strange-looking scars abound on his arms, chest and torso. These give an indication that Grantaire is no stranger to broken glass, bullets or knife blades. These days, he mostly wears all black, except for a red waistcoat which he has worn only one time before - when he disappointed someone he cared for more than anyone else. He wears it now to acknowledge this fact, but also affirm that he will never disappoint this person again. When out and about, he hides his identity with a papier-mache gold-painted Apollo mask, which was owned by said someone. You won't get him confused with the other Grantaires. Alain Pierre wears the mask, and there's usually a large black crow somewhere in his immediate vicinity.
Parents: He had them, but they're not important.
Siblings: See above.
Significant Others: There was one, but they died in 1832.
Email/IM: none
Webpage: none
Appears In: The Colour of Despair, a crossover between "Les Miserables" and "The Crow".
Other Info: Grantaire was shot with Enjolras on June 6 1832, against a wall of the Corinth tavern. Both were buried in a mass grave at the Sainte-Marguerite Cemetery, along with most of the other unclaimed bodies gathered from the rue de la Chanvrerie that day. June 6 1837, he was resurrected by a powerful spirit in the shape of a crow. At first he did not remember who he was or that he was even dead, but a visit to the Cafe Musain reaffirmed his identity and, more importantly, the crow showed him how all of his friends died. Then he remembered how he died. Those of you familiar with the "Crow" story, will have gathered that he is back amongst the living because of Enjolras. More specifically, because of something terrible that was done to Enjolras. Basically, Grantaire is back with a vengeance - to mete out vengeance. He won't be able to rest until he has learned what June 7 was really about, discovered some painful secrets of his friend's past, and dealt out death in spades to a coterie of people who have got it coming. He could be here for quite some time.

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