Anatol Grantaire

Typist: Cassie
Birthdate: 1804 or there about
Hometown: He won't say
Appearance: He's tall and thin as a rail, with longish unruly dark hair. His eyes are rather wide and usually look a little lost and bemused, though he tries to hide it.
Parents: Not known
Siblings: One younger sister, Fleur. She died when she was 14; he was 24 at the time and never got over the loss.
Significant Others: Umm...he's had a few insignificant others, mostly whores. Offspring.... he's probably got a bastard or two out there, but if he knows he won't tell me.
Email/IM: Shares his typist's
Webpage: None
Appears In: An Excerpt from Grantaire's Journal
Other Info: None

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