Andre Grantaire

Typist: Jonai
Birthdate: Not given
Hometown: Not known
Appearance: Lanky, tall, although failing to be taller then Enjolras. Dark brown hair that hangs over his face, causing him hours of grueling annoyance. Dark brown eyes, easily mistaken for black, with the slightest dash of doubt creeping over him. Dry lips, constantly being remedied by the mouth of a bottle. Low, dark voice, with a slightly humoured and cynical tone.
Parents: A father, Etienne Grantaire, abusive, drunk half his life and angry the other half. Didn't seem to like R too much, and seemed to devote his time to making him miserable. Mother? Oh dear lord, which one was it? Probably it was the part time whore Janette. She was pretty much a victim in the whole thing, and she still seemed to like Grantaire enough. But sadly, loved her husband.
Siblings: Dozens of them. Of the same mother and father? Seven. Adele, who died at nine. Annabelle, Abigail, Jean, Francis, Colette, and Marie. Sadly, our boy Grantaire was left taking care of them most of the time. Marie may even have called him "Pappa" once....
Significant Others: Like he'd say! Probably Enjolras. Not like he'd admit to it though, out of fear of the dear boy's wrath.
Email/IM: Shares with his typist, although he now begs for his own.
Webpage: None.
Appears In: Too many, only two of which are currently up; namely, Just a Kiss, and Pain.
Other Info: He's cynical, self-destructive, and has attempted suicide at least three times in his entire life. We think he was quite glad to get it over with at that barricade, despite what he might have said. Poor boy, Enjolras has tried to get him some help, but what remedies depression in the 1800s?

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