Augustin Grantaire

Typist: Petronelle Lemaitre
Birthdate: 1806
Hometown: Tautavel
Appearance: Short - 5'7" if he straightens up, which he doesn't often do. His hair is dark, unfashionably long, and often greasy. He is quite round, what with too much wine and good food, and insufficient tennis to work it off. His boxing partners assume that his nose was once broken in a match, though it never was. He has, however, lost several teeth in pursuit of sports. His skin is sallow; his smile is crooked.
Parents: Edouard and Colette, who have long since stopped sending their money to him. Fortunately for Augustin, his paternal grandfather Alfred was both rich and familiar with his eldest son's foibles. He put most of his money into trust for Augustin (whose middle name is Alfred) and his siblings, and let a modest amount fall to Edouard, who promptly gambled it away.
Siblings: Curtis (d. 1823), Anselme (d. 1823), and Bénédicte (b. 1824). Curtis and Anselme died of German measles. Augustin did not, as he was older than they were and apparently more naturally resistant. This means that their grand-père's inheritance goes in the main to Augustin. His mother, who has more sense than her husband, is keeping a property for Bénédicte's dowry, and saving up the income from it. She oversees Augustin's properties in the south while he is in Paris and makes sure that her husband does not interfere with the transfer of funds. Two small houses in the city also went to Augustin's cousins, but that is done and there is no debate over it.
Significant Others: He pines after Julien Enjolras. He does not ogle girls terribly often until 1829, when he had a falling-out with Enjolras and lost all hope of ever gaining access to M'sieur's bed, regardless of the fact that Julien's attentions are entirely elsewhere.
Email/IM: N/A
Appears In: A Wasps' Nest
Other Info: When he first met Julien Enjolras and his cohorts, Augustin was not in the habit of discussing politics at all. He discovered that Les Amis were in the peculiar habit of sharing beds with each other and members of their political faith, and for a time pretended to be one of them. It did not work as well as he might have hoped.

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