Claude-Fabrice Grantaire

Typist: Rosette C. H.
Birthdate: 28 July, 1806
Hometown: Somewhere in Gascony
Appearance: About 5'9", dark complexion, dark brown eyes, longish black hair, usually badly shaved. Might be slightly pleasant looking if he kept his appearance in some sort of order, but he doesn't. As it is, "scruffy" is too close to a compliment.
Parents: People with some money, but no real importance. Father deceased.
Siblings: Two sisters-- Christine Amelie and Regine Jacqeline. Christine's husband controls the money, as R is rather inept in such things. She makes sure her little brother is looked after, financially at least.
Significant Others: Some severely insignificant ones. If he's slightly infactuated with Laurent Enjolras, he's not admitting it to anybody.
Email/IM: Contact the typist.
Appears In: Windmills; others forthcoming
Other Info: Claude-Fabrice has had a reasonably non-tragic life history for a Grantaire. (Well... given that we haven't gotten to the last part, yet.) As a child, he was as bright and ambitious as any parent could want, though not particularly fond of reality and chronically indifferent to practical sorts of studies. However, he is the sort of person who has trouble seeing in anything but black and white- he insists that I mention he's quite capable of seeing green- and so as he grew up and realized that it is not possible to accomplish everything, he began to feel that it is useless to attempt anything. Even without hope, he has a vague need for his cynicism to be proven wrong.

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