Narcisse Grantaire

Typist: Catherine Lafontaine
Birthdate: December 1, 1807
Hometown: Unknown
Appearance: Slight, short, looks undernourished, which may be the case since he refuses to look after himself properly. Dark hair, straight and badly cut, dark eyes, and a generally shifty look -- which is most unjust, as deceit isn't in him. It takes too much energy.
Parents: A couple so extremely ordinary that he himself forgets their names half the time, though his mother has enough of a romantic streak to give her offspring their unfortunate names.
Siblings: There was a younger brother, named -- wait for it -- Hyacinthe, who died in adolescence of what was thought to be consumption, but may very well have been a terminal case of embarrassment.
Significant Others: Julien Enjolras, when he's lucky. Denis Combeferre, when he's not so lucky.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: N/A
Appears In: Don't Tell Anyone, Simple Pleasures, and sundry fragments.
Other Info: Narcisse, who habitually shortens his misnomer to 'Cisse, strives to be your stereotypical R -- unacknowledged artistic tendencies, tragically short-lived sibling, terrific backrubs, raging insecurity, the lot.

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