Paulin Robert Grantaire

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: A date on a calendar long expired.
Hometown: South of here.
Appearance: Slouchy, stringy brown hair, brown watery eyes, wide-set in about every way. Fantastically put together in the face, and that don't mean handsome. Overall lopsided.
Parents: "Chronos and Rhea, for all they or I care. The one might have swallowed me, but I was cut out of the other's belly right enough, and I leave it to you to decide which. But perhaps they are Zeus and Hera: in looks I ape Hephaistios, if not the ape itself."
Siblings: "She doesn't talk to me, but her name is-- how typical!-- Rosalie."
Significant Others: "As always, Aphrodite. No other woman is worthy of me."
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: Martin Emeute
Other Info: Paulin is a general waste of life, looking to be quickened. And boy, is he ever by the time we're done with him. (which will be one day...)

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