Alexandre Joly

Typist: Quiara
Birthdate: Not known
Hometown: Not known
Appearance: Joly's skin is pale all year long, perhaps from illness or perhaps from excessive studying. This may be deliberate, for whenever he goes into the sun for any time, his cheeks become too pink with sunburn. His face is a little too thin. His eyes are washed-out blue, and often a bit red, for he rubs them whether or not they itch. His fair hair is quite long enough to be pulled away from his face, but it lacks cohesion. Wisps fall down into his eyes; on rainy days, they tend to curl, no matter what he does to stop them. Like his face, his arms are too delicate for his frame. His clothing is in good condition, but he often forgets to eat or forgoes it in hopes of quieting his stomach. This did not happen while he was growing, for, despite illness and fasting, he has managed to attain a normal height, with perhaps an inch or two over the average. His clothes are never extravagantly expensive, but he has what his fellows would call good taste. Sometimes, it strays a little, and he looks foppish. That is most frequent when he wears clothing more ostentatious than he is. Garb of this nature is not hard to find when one is pale to the point of looking faded.
Parents: Not known
Siblings: Probably none. He seems like an only child.
Significant Others: Bossuet (aka Lesgles, L'Aigle, or Laigle) and Musichetta. Also, anyone else he can coax into bed. He is an incorrigible flirt. Fortunately, so is 'chetta, so she doesn't mind, and Bossuet is so forgiving that it works. In 'Flaming Rebels,' the sequel to Christian Caron, he may or may not have a child. Her name is Alissandre Lesgles, The Child with Three Parents.
Email/IM: Steals his typist's
Appears In: "Caron" and other roleplays.
Other Info: Often indulges in PDAs with Bossuet and/or Musichetta. How they keep their apartment is beyond the ken of the typist.

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