Alexandre Joly

Typist: Eva Blondel
Birthdate: 1809
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: He is tall and rather thin. He has a delicate frame and pale skin, from chronic illness or from staying inside to avoid the cold. He has straight dark brown hair that comes to the bottoms of his ears, frequently tugging on it wanting it to grow long enough for a small ponytail. He wears glasses for reading. He prides himself on being well dressed and wears fine clothes, but not very expensive. He has a pronounced nose, but not large and hazel eyes. His has smooth hands because, coming from a rich family, didn't do much work in his life.
Parents: Juliette Monteil married Andre Joly when she was 19 and he was 24. They had two children. She fussed over him as a child and his father was a tad overprotective, probably molding him into what he is now.
Siblings: He has a younger sister named Fleurette, but she died when he was eight and she was five. His mother got very protective of him after that.
Significant Others: Musichetta and Bossuet. It is unclear as to which he slept with Bossuet, but it is likely.
Email/IM: None
Appears In: None
Other Info: He has a cheerful disposition to the point of being annoying. He likes to pull pranks. he has a high pitched giggle. He enjoys food quite a bit. He hates spiders. Besides be a Hypochondriac and Arachnaphobic he's also a tad paranoid He's also had quite a few turbulent love affairs and is quite easy to win over. These stormy courtships have made him very strongly attached to those he's stayed with long enough. His favorite color is olive green. He's adjusting to life in the Twenty-First century well. He is a Star Wars fan and a budding Trekkie.

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