Edouard Joly

Typist: Laurence
Birthdate: 1808
Hometown: Poitiers
Appearance: On the tall side, but very thin, halo of white-gold curls and light blue eyes. An overall wispy and ethereal look about him, might well fly off in a strong wind if not weighted down by his ever-present walking stick. Almost childlike in appearance (emphasized by his disposition), with pale skin and a scattering of freckles and a perpetual pout.
Parents: Rosine and Alain Joly, a frail beauty and a country doctor, respectively.
Siblings: Rose (b. 1824), beloved and ignored baby sister.
Significant Others: None, as virginal as the day he was born.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: Byronic Heroes
Appears In: Byronic Heroes
Other Info: In something of a first blushing crush over Thibault Lesgle, his dear friend and oft-flatmate, who could not be more ignorant to his friend’s ocean of angst. While generally soft-spoken and sweet, Edouard also has the less-endearing trait of fits and tantrums when provoked, usually followed by feigning illness to gain pity.

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