Nicolas Joly

Typist: Jessica Jones
Birthdate: Nov. 11, 1809
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Rather tall and thin, though not sickly. He does not do much physical activity and it shows. Very pale, but tends to blush rather easily, and hardly looks truly sick to anyone but himself. Curly black hair, about medium length, and dark blue eyes with somewhat dark lashes. His most prominent feature is his warm smile and if he smiles wide enough he does have dimples. His dress is very average, looks middle class and never in bad taste, he just does not go out of his way to be in fashion.
Parents: Philippe and Jacquetta Joly. Both very loving parents and caring people in general. Both are middle class, very family oriented and have passed on their beliefs and compassion to their children.
Siblings: Isabelle, three years older; Emilie, a year and a half older; Luc, 11 years younger
Significant Others: Anne Dagna Delacroix
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: roleplaying forum
Other Info: Grew up in Paris with his family and remained close to them. He's a very devoted person, no matter what he is doing, but is generally laid back. (except when it comes to his health--and even then he usually does not mind the ribbing he gets because of it.) He really wants to make a difference, which is why he chose medicine; he often acts as a doctor to the poor in his spare time, with his sister Isabelle who has learned medicine as well. He is a little hesitant to actually fight, but he thinks in this instance he must and that it is for the greater good.

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