Philippe Joly

Typist: Frida Eleonora
Birthdate: 3rd of July 1808
Hometown: Marseille
Appearance: Dirty-blond hair and blue eyes. Looks younger than he is. Sweet smile. Pretty pale, but very handsome anyway.
Parents: Gérard and Laetitia
Siblings: One brother, three years older, Matthieu-Gérard (who's called Matthieu by everyone, 'cept his mother); and one sister six years older, Paulette.
Significant Others: Musichetta, of course!
Webpage: None
Appears In: "The Loss of a Sister", "Brother of a revolutionary", and a story without a name.
Other Info: His worst enemy is his brother, Matthieu. They fight about everything, and have done since they were only kids.

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