Gabriel Lesgle

Typist: Jace
Birthdate: March 13, 1807
Hometown: Meaux
Appearance: He's mostly bald, even though he's by no account old. What little hair he does have left, though, is black. He stands at about 5'9", with dark twinkling eyes.
Parents: He refuses to talk about his parents, but there's no particular animosity there. Mostly because they know very little of what he's up to in Paris.
Siblings: He has an older sister, Corine, and a younger brother, Eric, whom, like his parents, he's said very little of.
Significant Others: In most realities, Musichetta and sometimes Joly.
IM: Laiana Delar
Appears In: Various roleplays. One on Yahoo! Groups at
Other Info: In some realities, he has an adopted daughter named Margurite. An orphan he picked up off the streets of Paris and nursed back to health. His parents are aware of her, and while they don't exactly approve, they're helping him support her.

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