Julien Lesgle

Typist: Todd Slaughter
Birthdate: 1804
Hometown: Calais
Appearance: Lesgle is bald, of course, but what little hair he has left is black and tightly curled, he has brown eyes, is of a medium height and build and has a charming and cheerful smile.
Parents: L'Aigle de Maux, and Jeneane Flurest
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Up until the fall of the barricades, Joly, and Javert thereafter.
Email/IM: innsmouthfog@aol.com, patron1832@yahoo.com
Webpage: http://www.innsmouth.mirrorz.com
Appears In: "My Life for Yours"
Other Info: We all know that Lesgle is doomed to suffer bad luck, and so, it was this poor luck which caused him to survive the barricades and his beloved Joly and fall in to the clutches of Javert...or perhaps not such bad luck after all...

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