??? Lesgle

Typist: Laura Waterstripe
Birthdate: Not known
Hometown: Wherever his daddy was postmaster.
Appearance: Bald. Sorta cute.
Parents: A disgruntled postal worker and the woman who comforted him.
Siblings: Not known
Significant Others: Alexandre Joly and Musichetta. In 'Flaming Rebels,' the sequel to 'Christian Caron,' he may or may not have a child. Her name is Alissandre Lesgles, The Child with Three Parents.
Email/IM: Steals his typist's
Webpage: http://www.angelfire.com/pq/xarisa/lesmis.html
Appears In: Christian Caron and other roleplays
Other Info: He mothers Joly terribly. They are nauseatingly cute and snuggly.

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