Thibault Lesgle

Typist: Laurence
Birthdate: 1804
Hometown: Manosque
Appearance: A bit on the short side, rather stocky and had he a single hair on his head, it would be black. Always smiling, quite often at entirely inappropriate moments. Brown eyes which sparkle in a disconcerting manner. Overall appearance is more than a little teddy bearish.
Parents: Clotilde (d. 1811) and Maurice Lesgle, a postmaster who was blinded in an accident and forced into an early retirement, Clotilde died in childbirth.
Siblings: Hubért (1806-1809, drowned), Bertrand (1807-1820, typhoid), Jean-Maurice (1809-1826, riding accident), Sonine (1810-1816, wolves) and one surviving sister, Emme (b. 1811) who stayed in Manosque to care for their father.
Significant Others: Musichetta Dorcet, whom he does not share with Joly.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: Byronic Heroes
Appears In: Byronic Heroes
Other Info: Surprisingly well-adjusted, though suffers from the same ill-fate that plagued the rest of his family. Totally contented to go about life with his mistress Musichetta, whom he loves unconditionally (the feeling is mutual, as Musichetta loves a great many young men unconditionally) and his best friend Edouard Joly, who is in turn lusts after Thibault (the feeling is not mutual). Oblivious to these details, Thibault is quite happy.

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