Etienne Jerome Bumonche

Typist: Jessica Jones
Birthdate: May 15, 1813
Hometown: Not known
Appearance: Average in height and build; he is a bit on the slender side, but not very much. He has dark red hair and green eyes with some brown in them, seems younger than his years and rather boyish. Tries to blend into the background. He has a very friendly look to him, however, and an easy smile when he is around people he is comfortable with.
Parents: Born to Louis Bumonche and Marguerite Chevrier, but considers his surrogate parents to be Paul and Jeanne Gallandry.
Siblings: Gérard Louis Bumonche, b. 1808, and Alice Renée Bumonche, b. 1810.
Significant Others: Pierre Gallandry, and, in some universes, Michel Tailleur.
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: Various roleplays
Other Info: Personality: Etienne is a very sweet person. He is very shy and at times almost scared, but always very friendly. He is uncertain of himself and has low self-esteem for a number of reasons. He is, however, not truly an unhappy person. He tends to be optimistic about things and always assumes the best of people unless proven otherwise- he is trusting and quick to befriend people. Etienne is quite innocent and rather on the naïve side, and is quite impressionable. Background: Etienne was a very happy and energetic child when he was very young. Up until the age of six he was quite close to his parents, in particular his father. He was very polite and friendly to all the help, and when he was five years old became friends with Pierre Gallandry, whose parents worked for the Bumonches. His father severely disapproved of his friendship with a servant and began to be very hard on him, and this devastated Etienne. He continued to try to please his father but after that never seemed to be able to. This caused him to become very shy and quiet, as he got older. He remained friends with Pierre and soon became very close to both Pierre and his family. When he was fourteen years old he started to realize that he was falling in love with Pierre. The boys soon realized that the feeling was mutual. When he was fifteen his father discovered his relationship with Pierre and became very angry and fired Pierre and his family on the spot. Etienne's family did not react well, everyone but his mother unofficially disowned him. After that, things were very hard for Etienne at home; no one in his family talked to him and some of the help openly mocked him, as they knew he would not say anything to his father. His mother decided the best thing for him would be to go where no one knew what happened, so persuaded her husband to send him to live with his cousins. He moved in with them when he was sixteen and stayed there for a year and half, when he moved to Paris to join the National Guard at his father's insistence. While in Paris he met Gabrielle Boudreau at the café Musain and became friends with her. Learning about the friends of the ABC, he decided to join them in their cause. He remained in the guard both for fear of his father's reaction if he were to leave, and also he hoped he might be able to help his new friends get information. Several months before the barricades he happened to run into Pierre on the street and learned that the Gallandrys had been living in Paris for about the same amount of time he had, and were really just down the street. Pierre moved in with Etienne that same week. Etienne found out that Pierre was also involved in revolutionary activities and that made up his mind to actually fight with his friends rather than just help in other ways. Etienne joined Pierre and les Amis on the barricades and was killed on June 6, 1832. In another timeline Etienne does not find Pierre again but falls in love with Michel Tailleur, who had also worked for his father. Michel joined him when he moved to Paris. They both decided to help Les Amis but not to fight. A year after the barricades Michel met Claudine, who was six months pregnant, on the streets one night and took her in. When Michel and Etienne found out that she did not want the baby they offered to adopt it, which seemed like the best situation for all of them. Claudine ended up staying with them even after the baby, Celeste, was born, but letting them raise her completely. Four years later they adopted another child, Alex.

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