Gros-Rene Chauremonde

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: October 18, 1809
Hometown: Born in Lyon, raised in Paris.
Appearance: About five feet four, Gros-René is a bit of a joke-- as he's practically rail thin. Has a slim little weasel-like face, the long, thin fingers one would associate with a pickpocket, and eyes so green they look jaundice-yellow, peering nervously from behind gold-colored wire spectacles. Iron curls, tight on his head, and (when out of uniform) a shabby scholar's appearance. Forelocks, yes, but no beard, and an almost stereotypically Semitic nose.
Parents: Daddy is le Comte Alexandre Palanchiere Auguste de Chauremonde-- The Tyrant. A retired police inspector; quiet and thoughtful to look at; terrible when crossed. Less of a sense of humor than Javert; he rules the lives of his three sons with an iron fist.

His mother, on the other hand, la Comtesse Renee Naomi de Chauremonde, is a sweet, delicate soul; beautiful, sympathetic, a doll. Ex-Jewess, changed her name from 'Rachel' to 'Renee' when she married Alexandre, but did not give up her religion. One must wonder just what goes on behind closed doors at that house!

Siblings: 2 elder: Herchel Alexandre de Chauremonde, a National Guardsman, and Andre Michel de Chauremonde, a law student. Both of them are blond, like their father. Herchel is tall, straight, broad and beautiful, obedient and serious (in appearance), his Father's pride. Andre is... well, a little taller than Gros-René, has a square, meticulously kept goatee, and is obscenely proud of his aristo status. He is also a bully, a cynic, and closeted as sin. His favorite pastime is drinking excessively and getting into fights with handsome young republicans, particularily Courfeyrac. He's never been able to get Enjolras into a fight, much to his chagrin. Gros-René and his brothers do NOT get along.
Significant Others: Sadly no. He does like girls though!
Appears In: He was pretty much created for Le Café; though he's not really doing anything now. Last seen stuck in Eponine's body in 'Freaky Friday Revolution'. *sighs*
Other Info: "Gros-René is essentially disowned by his family, for the reason that he is a practicing Jew. In spite of his mother's still-practicing status... well, there is a lot of hypocrisy in his household. What his Father says, goes. Which is why, tragically, Gros-René is a policeman. This has only served to make him fervently, ardently, and completely republican, almost to the point of being a communist. He is also quite the little Talmud scholar. So from sundown Friday, to sundown Saturday, nada. His goal in life is to marry a nice little Jewish girl and settle down; to the undending amusement of his best friend and almost diametric opposite, Merecule. I swear that I'll write the both of them a barricade story someday; for I know Gros-René makes it there; and shoots his own brother, as well as Merecule's. That's pretty much what Herchel does- die on a whim. Not Gros-René. He dies on a barricade. *s* But it's how he wanted it."

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