Justin Noveau

Typist: Dessa Asp
Birthdate: January 15, 1807
Hometown: One of the wealthier suburbs of Paris.
Appearance: Very pale, slender. Light, white-blond hair, worn in long bangs that hang down to his light blue eyes, and reaching his mid-neck in back. Pale, thin lips which, when smiling, reveal teeth which look a little too long for him, and a little too narrow. Teeth are stained slightly from smoking. Clothes are fashionable and not at all shabby. Fingernails are kept immaculate, and longer than most.
Parents: Typical upper-middle class, always worried about getting more money to impress the neighbors with. Hired a nanny to take care of him and his younger sister, and didn't care for the children themselves except at those times when they thought it was 'of absolute necessity'.
Siblings: Siblings: A younger sister named Elize, as dark in countenance as he is light. Dark brown hair, black eyes... but very pretty. Died under mysterious circumstances right after Justin left the family to live in Paris.
Significant Others: If his history from the time he appeared in Paris proper were to be traced, he would be seen to have had a few long-lasting relationships with women of ill-repute, all of whom had dark hair and dark eyes, all of whom he suddenly abandoned to move elsewhere in the city, and all of whom would be dearly missed if they were anyone of any circumstance. His wild behavior has gotten him thrown out of quite a few brothels.
Email/IM: None, but can be found on AnkhMUSH
Webpage: None
Appears In: Random roleplay scenes, mostly as the neighbor of Grantaire.
Other Info: He was deeply affected by the death of his sister, if you haven't already gathered.

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