Henri Paillard

Typist: Whitney Buckley
Birthdate: 4th April, 1807
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Sickly. White-blond hair in a ponytail and pale gray eyes. Very thin.
Parents: Quentin and Blanche Paillard. Blanche died 1820; stepmother's name is Hortense.
Siblings: A younger sister named Genevieve Paillard (who later marries Combeferre) and a younger brother named Saul.
Significant Others: None
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: Various fanfics
Other Info: Although Henri was sickly and weak, he was an A B C student. He fought with great bravery at the barricade. He was the man Combeferre was trying to lift when Combeferre was killed.

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