Jean Prouvaire

Typist: Laurel
Birthdate: 1809
Hometown: Marseille
Appearance: Messy, longish dirty-blonde hair. Grey eyes that turn a green tint when he's feeling mischievous. Kind of short, compared to his friends, about 5'8". As for the oft-mentioned sense of fashion, the lack thereof, it is more a question of dressing with his eyes closed, i.e.: not really caring what he puts on, rather than an outright naivete on the subject of style. To reiterate: he knows, but doesn't particularly care.
Parents: Father: Gustave Prouvaire. Mother: Lorraine Prouvaire, née Clavelle
Siblings: One much older sister, Marianne, not married. She still has a tendency to baby her lil bro.
Significant Others: Tends to be rather romantic, but rarely gets involved in a serious relationship. Currently (1832) deeply attracted to a certain young lady named Daphne.
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