Jean Alexandre Prouvaire

Typist: Callie
Birthdate: May 28th, ??
Hometown: Not known.
Appearance: Medium height, with light brown hair and soft green eyes. As known, not very well-dressed, but handsome despite the fact. Tends to keep his clothing on the conservative side, not doing a great many of the showy fashionable things many of the others do. (But what harm is there in that?)
Parents: Jaqcues and Jeannette Prouvaire. Nice people.
Siblings: None.
Significant Others: Many.
Email/IM: Doesn't touch the things, although he's fascinated by them.
Webpage: None.
Appears In: None yet, some to come.
Other Info: Shy, not exactly outgoing. Gets rather intimidated by Grantaire at times, but can be as enthusiastic as anyone when up to it. Loves writing poetry, (as many know) and has published a few under a pen name, for fear of being noticed a little more then he wants to. Also writes some short stories, which he keeps in his precious little book. Soft sort of accent, betraying his birthplace in southern France. Really popular with the ladies.

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