Jean Henri Prouvaire

Typist: Eva Blondel
Birthdate: 1811
Hometown: Unknown
Appearance: He is an average height, but rather long limbed. He has fair hair that curls slightly. It is wisp and not very full. He has blue eyes. He is of fair complexion, but not pale. His skin flushes when he is excited or embarazzed. He dresses flamboyantly. he always carries a handkerchief with him because he has been known to burst into tears at little things.
Parents: His mother, Paulette Prouvaire, raised him. His father left her when she told him she was with child and he has made no effort to contact them. Being raised by a woman, he has learned to respect them and be gentle.
Siblings: He has an eight year old sister named Therese that he is very attached to.
Significant Others: He's too shy to tell.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: N/A
Appears In: None
Other Info: He lisps when he is excited. He is one of Joly's good friends.He writes poetry and is an avid gardener, much to Joly's disgust (Ew..Spiders, dirt!). He plays lots of musical instruments including the violin and flute. He also dances and sings, when he gets the courage to do so. He also bites his fingernails when nervous. He is still adjusting to modern life and has recently been able to walk around downtown with out freezing whenever someone looked at him.

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