Jean Mathieu Prouvaire

Typist: Jennifer
Birthdate: May 17, 1807
Hometown: Valence, France
Appearance: Light brown hair, brown eyes, medium complexion, 5'9" tall. Prefers to wear the black trousers and brown waistcoat he wore at the barricades (the clothing he came in, in other words).
Parents: M. Jacques Prouvaire, Therese Prouvaire.
Siblings: None
Significant Others: None, as of now--though no one can say what will happen in the future. Retains fond memories of his mistress Emilie, though.
Appears In: None, beyond the absurd time-travel adventures his typist writes (he is thankful that she hasn't yet put him in a real fanfic)
Other Info: Currently, he assists his hostess and typist by organizing and posting her fanfic (along with the contributions of others) on an extension of her webpage . . . though he's tried very hard to convince her to give him his own, separate page, nothing has yet come of his efforts. And though his time in the twentieth/twenty-first century (who knows what it is now?) has been diverting and educational, he still misses Paris, the nineteenth century, and the companionship of Les Amis.

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